Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Remaining Relative

Remaining Relative

I thumb through a copy of Wired Magazine.
The print is so damn small
my cheaters don’t help.
I know I am not supposed to be here.
-          It’s obvious.

The revolution won’t wait for an old
to digitize,
-          Get wise!

Important to be now, fresh, mind the audience.
The position is fate,
revolution the orbit.
I know I am not supposed to be here
-          Absorb it!

I get caught in “The Swarm”, algorithm that moves
birds, and fish, and humans
to the check-out line
at the same time.

My angle’s oblique, at least tongue-in-cheek,
but the patterns were lovely.
Deconstruction is messy.
I know I am not supposed to be here
-          Get over it!

The box on page 6, “Added by Facebook”
grabs my magnifier.
flips a switch to Reader’s Digest,
“Improve your Vocabulary”     only
the definitions are in another language.

Technical is not my forte.
I do not parlez vous PASCAL
much less SWIFT…I’m not.
This is not fodder for common ground,

press on.

“The Angels’ Share”, now there’s a place
to spread a universal cloth
and share a morsel of meaning
without demeaning
Grandmotherly stature
or, raw enthusiasm.

Beyond the Crown Royale, roast beef
and apple pie…
Remaining relative

there ought to be an app for that.

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