Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning

Dear Poets,
    I hope you had a good sleep, and that you are well settled in at ACA. I'm very much looking forward to our meeting at 10:00 in the Music building. Please bring the poems to distribute, as well as paper and perhaps your laptops if you prefer to write on those.
     I have created this blog for us, so that we might communicate when we aren't in workshop. This is the place to post poems, comment on each other's poems, post announcements or ideas, anything you wish. The "pages" to the right are prompts, exercises and other materials that we will use during this week. No one else is invited to use this blog and it isn't public, so it does not constitute publication. Please do not share blog materials or posts beyond the group. If you are reading this, you have already accepted the blog invitation and you are set to go.
    Here is a photograph I took a few days ago on New Smyrna Beach. So sun and sand is very much a possibility, despite the chill of the day.
Very best wishes,

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